Gold Country Map

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Bike Trails:

Cascade Canal Trail

Hirschman Trail and
Deer Creek Tribute Trail Loop

Pioneer Trail

Haire To There Trail

Litton Trail

Round Mountain Trails

Scotts Flat Trail

American River Confluence Trails

S. Yuba Trail

Foresthill Divide Loop

Alpha Road

Omega Loop

Maybert Road

Artic Mine

Omega Drop-in

Excelsior RxR Trail

South Yuba Canal Trail

Mill Trail

Stevens Trail

Eagle Bird Drop

Hole In The Ground Trail

Sawtooth Ridge Trail

Forest City Trails:

Ridge Runner Trail
Highgrade Trail
Sandusky Trail
Truckee Ditch Trail

Truckee Ditch Ext. Trail
Plum Valley Ditch Trail

Blair's FC trails map


"Downieville Downhill"

Pauley Creek Trail

Big Boulder Trail

First Divide Trail

Downie River Trail

N. Yuba Trail

Bullards Bar Trail

Lafayette Ridge Trail

Old Trail Movies