Scott's Drop Trail

 Scott's Drop Trail: This trail was built in the late 80's I think, as I remember riding it back then. Scott's Drop was one of the first trails I mapped and posted 20 years ago.
It was discovered by the USFS around 2010, thirty years later, and deemed unsustainable. Trees were felled up and down the trail to close it. Protests from mtn. bikers ensued and the USFS was forced to allow the newer Scott's Flat Trail to be built. A positive development for sure.

As I had enjoyed the behind the seat descents on the Scott's Drop for years, I missed it. A while ago I explored the old trail and found that it was open again. Some friendly trail pirate had removed all the downed timber and reopened the trail.
Of course I rode the trail, savoring the steep drops and challenging switchbacks. O what fun...

I hope it takes another 30 years for the USFS to discover the trail again.
To keep this trail open I would suggest folks don't yell and scream for joy as they descend. Don't hang out waiting for friends at the end of the trail on the paved road. Keep speeds down while dropping down to the lake on the paved road. If the neighbors don't complain then this trail might stay open.

This map is old and doesn't have the newer Scott's Flat Trail shown, but I do have that trail posted on my site for you to compare.

Where is it? Well its off the Lone Grave Trail and connects the dirt road where there is a no littering sign posted on Hwy 20 heading east on the left. That's the dirt road you see on my map.
Its also accessible form the dirt road that starts at Pine Flat road, riding maybe a half mile up the dirt road.
Its not a marked trail. If you are coming from the Lone Grave trail watch for the no littering sign on Hwy 20 and take a right on that dirt road. It drops and you pass a USFS gate. Continue downhill a bit and you come to a small log landing were the road flattens out. A bit passed that on the left you will see a cedar tree on the left with a faint trail before it. That's Scott's Drop Trail.
If you take the dirt road off Pine Flat road the trail is maybe 1/2 mile. At the sinkhole in the road keep to the left. Trail is a bit farther up the dirt road on the right next to a cedar tree. If you pass it you will end up at the Lone Grave trail and Hwy 20.

On The Trail: Scott's Drop Trail skirts along the top of the ridge at first, then starts a drop into the canyon. Lower or get behind your seat for the steep drops and switchbacks. There are views of the lake if you dare to look. Its a short trail, crossing a small winter creek at the bottom, with a short climb, before popping out on the top end of a paved road. A left here drops you down to the lake.
Cross Scott's Flat Road where it intersects with the Casci Ranch road and ride the Snow Mtn. Ditch Trail into the campgrounds. Get on the paved road for just a short bit. then keep to the right before the parking, to get back onto the Snow Mtn. Ditch Trail. Its a short distance to the boat dock access road, cross that and continue a short distance to where the trail splits. The right uphill is the new Scott's Flat Trail, and the straight left is more of the Snow Mtn. Ditch trail that continues around the lake to the dam.
As I drew this map years before Scott's Flat Trail was constructed you can go to that map to see the rest of the ride, and other ideas for riding.
I generally loop back up Scott's Flat Tail for the climb out. Occasionally I ride to the dam and take the Scott's Flat paved road up to Hwy 20 and the 5 Mile House.

This is a great trail and I hope you enjoy it.

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